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The Skiing - Beginners

Although Verbier's slopes have a rough and tumble reputation, the resort has lots of gentle possibilities for beginners too.

Most of the easy slopes suitable for those getting their first taste of the adventure of skiing are in, or just above the town. They are doubly convenient as they provide both easy access and frequent opportunity and location to take a well-deserved break.

New riding carpet Carpet in Les Esserts  Highly recommended for those starting on their skiing career are the areas around The Moulins, Bleu, Rouge, and les Esserts. Here you can practice your snow ploughs and feel the delight of your progression to confidence. Skiing, remember, is a sport that one should enjoy, not endure, and here at Verbier, beginners have ample terrain for maximum enjoyment.

Once you feel confident on the runs mentioned above you are ready to start your progression - your ascent to personal stardom as it were. Time to achieve your personal best.

We recommend starting the next stage at the Taillay on the Saveleyres side. A day in that region should see you right. After that, you should be ready for the slightly more challenging and expansive Attelas side of the mountain.

Here, Lac des Vaux and La Chaux are the best places to start. Ask your instructor if he or she feels you are ready. They are the professionals and will be able to judge your talents, progress, and confidence. A word to the wise here: Be weary of well meaning friends. They may be more interested in you as a skiing partner and inadvertently try to push you faster than you personally would like to go. Listen to your instructor.

If, as if in any other ski resort in Europe you do not push yourself-or let  others pressure you-too hard, you will find Verbier a pleasant place to begin skiing.